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Safe Health

Current employer. Safe Health creates tools that help individuals, companies, and organizations manage the COVID-19 pandemic. As most contributions are to internal administrative tools, I am unable to share screenshots or demos.

    My personal contributions include:
  • Freeing the virtual consult builder (VCB) from a single-question per node system to allow multiple questions to be presented to the user at once
  • Expanding VCB through the implementation of multiple question types
  • Constructing a chatbot with VCB integration
  • Integrating a natural language processing API with the chatbot
Grass is Greener screenshot

Grass is Greener

NSS Front-End Capstone. Lets the user track different lawn care tasks. Includes a fully-automated schedule of seasonal tasks and a monitor that tracks weather precipitation and user-added water. React.js, WeatherAPI, HTML, CSS.

GearPatch Screenshot


NSS final capstone. A peer-to-peer rental platform which connects users and their musical gear. Allows users to browse gear, message owners, arrange rentals, and list gear of their own.

Nutshell screenshot


Social networking platform to share events and interesting stories with other users. Built in a team environment with John Hester and Brendan Abernethy. React.js, HTML, CSS

Tabloid Screenshot

Tabloid MVC

An app for writers to share and review content. Built in a remote team collaboration with Anthony Johnson, James Su-Shum, and John Hester. C#, ASP.NET core MVC, Bootstrap