Grass is Greener screenshot

Grass is Greener

NSS Front-End Capstone. Lets the user track different lawn care tasks. Includes a fully-automated schedule of seasonal tasks and a monitor that tracks weather precipitation and user-added water. React.js, WeatherAPI, HTML, CSS.

Nutshell screenshot


Social networking platform to share events and interesting stories with other users. Built in a team environment with John Hester and Brendan Abernethy. React.js, HTML, CSS

Tabloid Screenshot

Tabloid MVC

An app for writers to share and review content. Built in a remote team collaboration with Anthony Johnson, James Su-Shum, and John Hester. C#, ASP.NET core MVC, Bootstrap

Holiday Road Screenshot

Holiday Road

A trip planner centered around the U.S. National Parks System. Utilizes the NPS API to build itineraries for the user. Built in a remote team collaboration with Faith Magras, Erik Lindstrom, and Nick Glover. Javascript, HTML, CSS